Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

Since 2002, West Basin has taken a responsible, science-based approach to its Ocean Water Desalination Program to protect marine life, maximize energy efficiency and minimize cost. West Basin has conducted numerous, methodical, ocean protection and operational efficiency research studies to meet California’s environmentally protective regulations and District commitments. The District’s commitments include water reliability, water quality, financial and resource management, environmental stewardship and customer service.

Environmental Review and Public Comments

West Basin is currently conducting an environmental review to evaluate the possible impacts and mitigation measures of a potential ocean water desalination facility to produce drinking water, in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

CEQA is a statute that requires state and local agencies to identify adverse environmental impacts that projects may have, as well as identify ways to avoid or mitigate those impacts if possible. Through CEQA, an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) must be prepared by the lead agency when there is sufficient evidence that significant environmental impacts may occur from the project. The District, the lead agency on the Project, determined that a full-scale ocean water desalination facility may have impacts that could be potentially significant and is preparing an EIR.

West Basin is committed to a thorough environmental review process. The District will share the report findings and provide opportunities for public input on the draft EIR during the public comment period. Input from the public is a critical part of the CEQA process, as it helps inform and refine the Project. The public comment period also provides opportunities for stakeholders to ask questions. Please visit the events page for a listing of public meetings.

CEQA Review Process



Notice of Preparation (NOP) Release

August 31, 2015

Public Comment Period

August 31 – October 15, 2015 (45 Days)

Public Scoping Meeting at the Edward C. Little Water Recycling Facility

September 30, 2015

Draft EIR Preparation

October 16, 2015 to March 26, 2018

Draft EIR Release

March 27, 2018

Draft EIR Public Comment Period (2 Public Meetings)

March 27 to June 25, 2018 (91 Days)

Final EIR Hearing and Certification

To Be Announced

Notice of Determination (NOD) 

(If Approved by the Board)