The comment period of March 27 to June 25, 2018 for the Draft Environmental Impact Report is now closed.

Full Draft EIR

Draft EIR by Section

Section 1: Executive Summary

Section 2: Introduction and Project Background

Section 3: Project Description

Section 4: Basis of Cumulative Analysis

Section 5: Environmental Analysis

5.1 Aesthetics, Light & Glare
5.2 Air Quality
5.3 Biological Resources – Terrestrial
5.4 Cultural Resources
5.5 Energy
5.6 Geology, Soils, and Seismicity
5.7 Greenhouse Gas Emissions
5.8 Hazards and Hazardous Materials
5.9 Hydrology and Water Quality
5.10 Land Use and Planning
5.11 Marine Biological Resources
5.12 Noise
5.13 Public Services
5.14 Recreation
5.15 Transportation and Traffic
5.16 Utilities and Service Systems

Section 6: Other CEQA Considerations

Section 7: Alternatives to the Proposed Project

Section 8: Effects Found Not to Be Significant

Section 9: List of Preparers



Appendix 1A. Expanded Notice of Preparation
Appendix 1B. NOP Summary Report

Appendix 2A. Feasibility Assessment of Subsurface Seawater Intakes Proposed Desalination Facility El Segundo California
Appendix 2B. Seabed Infiltration Gallery Construction and Life-Cycle Costs

Appendix 3. Air Quality/Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data

Appendix 4A. Intake Effects Assessment Report
Appendix 4B. Literature Review on Long Term Corrosion and Biofouling Resistance of Copper Nickel Alloys and Stainless Steels for Marine Applications; Technical Memorandum: Dissolution Estimate of Copper:Nickel Corrosion from Wedgewire Screens
Appendix 4C. Modeling Brine Disposal from the West Basin Ocean Water Desalination Project
Appendix 4D. Ocean Desalination Project Intake Options Area of Production Forgone Estimates derived from El Segundo Generating Station Clean Water Act Section 316(b) Impingement and Entrainment Characterization Study (Tenera and MBC 2008), and Peer Review

Appendix 5A. Coastal Hazards Analysis of the West Basin Municipal Water District Ocean Water Desalination Project
Appendix 5B. Technical Memorandum: Coastal Hazards Analysis of the West Basin Municipal Water District Ocean Water Desalination Project for Sea Levels at Year 2100

Appendix 6. West Basin Ocean Water Desalination Project Terrestrial Habitat Assessment

Appendix 7A. Cultural Resources Assessment for the West Basin Ocean Water Desalination Project
Appendix 7B. West Basin MWD Ocean Desalination EIR Geoarchaeological Review
Appendix 7C. Native American Consultation

Appendix 8. Hazardous Materials Sites Near the Ocean Water Desalination Project

Appendix 9. Noise Data

Appendix 10. Ocean Plan Amendment Siting and Intake and Discharge Method Considerations

Appendix 11. Ocean Water Desalination Discharge Feasibility Study


Note: The key documents referenced in the Draft EIR for the Ocean Water Desalination Project which support the analyses are included in the Appendices.  West Basin has also posted its planning and research studies (including the Ocean Water Desalination Program Master Plan) on its website at   Other referenced documents cited and listed in each section of the Draft EIR may be accessed in-person at West Basin’s headquarters located at:

West Basin Municipal Water District
17140 S Avalon Blvd
Carson, CA 90746

Interested parties should send an email to to request an appointment to review the documents. The email should include the section number (e.g. Section 5.3 - Biological Resources - Terrestrial) and the full citation (author, year published, title of the document) of the referenced documents to be reviewed.  Please allow 5 calendar days to set an appointment so that the documents may be prepared for review.